July 31, 2008

First Beach Trip

Daly had her first day at the beach! The three of us drove up to Avila Beach for a couple days of relaxing and sun.

Daly and Ryan on their morning walk...it was coooold, but still gorgeous...

A detour on our drive home...our new 'secret' beach...

July 27, 2008

Our Water Baby

So after her first sponge bath and ten minutes of wailing, we were afraid Daly wouldn't be fond of the water...we could not have been more wrong. This girl is a water baby! She loves being in the bath, the shower, the pool...sitting next to fountains...feeling the rain on her face...you name it.

Hangin with dad at our pool...

And playing in the bath afterward...

July 26, 2008

Four Months!

Our Daly girl is 4 months old! She is really growing up. Grabbing for things she wants, 'talking' to her parents and her toys, and smiling smiling smiling! Daly has been on three flights (she is an amazing traveler) and is an incredibly relaxed and calm baby. She has so much fun at all of her daddy's basketball games and was on SportsCenter last week! She is LOVING any water she can get close to...the bath, the pool, our little water park (pics to follow). We are enjoying every second!

July 18, 2008

Congrats Uncle Patrick!

Last weekend we got to go up to Santa Barbara and see Patrick graduate from the fire academy. We're so proud of you! We had a great time hanging out with the whole family and Daly got some quality time with her grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. Thanks for the pictures Cori!!

Baby Daly with her Uncle Patrick and Aunt Cori.

Lookin a little too interested in that margarita...