February 28, 2010

We're back online!!

We finally have internet again! As for the long gap between posts...we moved into our new home last weekend and have been patiently waiting for phone and internet service. We also have Skype set up. You can download it for free, set up an account and we can talk (if you have a microphone or camera connected to your computer) or chat online. Our Skype name is weisenbergsinnz.

I'm sure you're tired of the windy pictures...so here you go!

Our first New Zealand beach day was GORGEOUS! We drove out to Foxton, it's about a 20 minute drive to a lazy little beach town.

Reese and I got to pet horses walking along the beach. They were getting these ones comfortable with the sand and ocean so they could start doing rides on the beach.

Reese putting her toes in the sand.

Daly and Ryan walking along the water.

Daly had a blast...jumping over waves, running through the wet sand, splashing with her feet. We even saw a small shark that had been washed up on the shore (on the losing end of some kind of fight.) I thought it was gross, but Daly and Ryan thought the "ark" was pretty cool.

Looks like that naked baby is falling out of the sky!

Waving "bah-byeee" to mommy.

February 13, 2010

Windy Weather

After a couple beautiful days of sun and heat, we've had some gloomy rain. Yesterday we got lots and lots of WIND. Obviously, this did not deter Daly from wanting to play outside.

Reese has been talking up a storm! She has also starting picking up on Daly's excited "shake-my-arms, wide-open-mouth" look. Pretty hilarious.

February 09, 2010

Front page news!

We've only been here five days and Reese is already on the front page of the Manawatu paper! The article was about the imports (each team can have two non-New Zealanders on the roster). Ronald Allen (the one holding Reese) and Richard Jeter are both from the states. Really great guys!!

Ryan made the back page!

Masterton and Music

Straight from the airport the Jets had a team weekend in Masterton. It was a chance for the team to get to know each other and meet Ryan and the rest of the coaching staff. Lots of basketball gave us girls a chance to hang out and explore the town and our surroundings.

Daly LOVED the big trampoline!

We packed up the kiddos and drove out to the Martinborough Street Fair, a really cool local swap meet. It was very hot and sunny...perfect napping weather.

After we'd had enough of the heat, we went back to the motel for a swim. Reese watched from the sidelines.

Daly jumped right in.

Sunday afternoon we drove into Palmerston North, where we'll be living! Until our place is ready, we'll be staying with our friends Dave, Rachel, and their daughter Kyra.

Enjoyed a glass of wine overlooking their amazing view.

This morning, Rachel and Kyra took us to Music! It's a large group of parents and kiddos that come together on Tuesday mornings to sing, dance, and play. The girls had a good breakfast before class.

The parachute was a bit hit!

Dancing dancing dancing.

Tapping her sticks with Kyra.

Afterwards, the kids have morning 'tea' where they're given a cookie, apples, and water. Daly went into the room ahead of us, by herself, got a cookie, and sat right in the middle of all the kids and had her snack.

She definitely thought she could climb that tree.

In the tunnel at the playground.

February 06, 2010

Quite a Journey

Long flight, good babies, lots of movies and music and toys. Overall, the trip was pleasant. Daly slept most of the flight from LA to Sydney, either on my lap or Ryan's.

Reese had her very own bassinet...brilliant addition to international flights.

Sunrise on February 5...we completely lost February 4, 2010. The east coast of New Zealand is the first in the world to welcome each new day.

Daly looking for Nemo, Dory and Bruce swimming in the ocean. We had her convinced she'd be able to see them...kept her busy for about three minutes.

Reese entertained everyone with her skills...DJ Reesey Piecey.

Staying hydrated.

'Ocah', checking out the clouds over Sydney.

As we were taking off from Sydney...a beautiful rainbow seemed to be over the entire country.

So we've made it safely, all our things made it too. A couple bumps in the road checking in, only two or three tantrums from Miss Daly (ended with bribes of candy , 101 Dalmatians, always having a binkie and blankie close at hand). The weather is beautiful. Everyone here is taking really good care of us. The girls are happy as can be...and besides missing everyone terribly, Ryan and I are real happy too.