June 06, 2008


Gymboree has been such a fun adventure for both Daly and me. Not only is Daly learning about her body, her movements, and the world around her, she's already becoming very social with the other babies. She loves just being close to her new friends! I'm really enjoying our mom and daughter time together and meeting other parents in the area with kids close to Daly's age. My mom took me to Gymboree when I was just a little older than Daly is now, so I knew it was something I wanted to experience with my little girl...

Tummy time in front of a big mirror strengthens neck, back, and core muscles, along with giving the babies a chance for socialization...

Daly LOVES her bubbles! She is very attentive and alert as Ms. Ellen blows tons of little bubbles at her...

Then we get to "pop, pop, pop those bubbles" on the parachute...

At the end of every class, Gymbo the Clown sings goodbye and blows kisses to each baby. See you next week, Gymbo!


  1. Lyndsey,
    Gym class is so much fun with the kids. I know how much Gabriel enjoys going, and I'm sure Daly and you will enjoy it for years to come!! We love keeping updated with your blog!

  2. Oh cuuuuute! My little Daly is so adorable!