November 20, 2008

Seven Months!

Yes, I realize our Daly girl will be eight months old next week, but I have a good excuse...I'm a working mom now! I've started training to teach classes part-time at The Little Gym! I will be working with kiddos from 10 months to 3 years old. So excited!!

Daly's really starting to fill out her jacket (and check out those thighs!) These were taken on the floor of her own big girl room...she's sleeping in there all by herself now...and has even started making it through the night!!

Little girl has grown up quite a bit in her seventh month! She is still loving to eat solids like Mommy and Daddy. Her favorites are oatmeal and sweet potatoes and squash. She is working on crawling! She will scoot a couple steps, and then stop and sit up...(to make sure you're watching and smiling!) We have a feeling she's going to be just a cloud of dust very very soon. She's also babbling A LOT. She's just recently added "dadadadada" to her repertoire, much to Ryan's excitement!

This is her tough girl stare...don't mess with the baby...

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