December 27, 2013

We're back!

I would like to contend that, while a lovely sentiment, this is not always the case. Sometimes comparison brings lots of joy. Allow me to make my case. And to digress for a moment or two…
Parenting Rule #247: Never compare your children to each other. They are uniquely beautiful little creatures. Got it. There are times, however, when comparisons are fun.

Newborn photos.
Top row: Daly and Jack, day one in the hospital.
Bottom row: Jack and Reese, week one, laying in my lap in my mom's backyard.

Reese and Jack at about two months. Big sisters making them laugh.

Daly and Jack at four months.

The 9m reindeer jammies:
Daly's first Christmas, nine months old. Jack's first Christmas, five months old.

What I have realized as I've been creating these little gems of comparison is that the photos of Daly and Reese would not have been as easily accessible, if not completely unfindable, if it weren't for my blogging. I have always known that the blog is a great way to keep family and friends updated on our goings on. Sometimes though, I forget the selfish reasons behind my writing and photo archival: when my memory does not serve, I have an organized and time-stamped place to come and dig those babies up. 

So I'm back. To keep you updated, to archive the photos, to document the memories, to write and spark higher level brain function. We're back.

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