March 28, 2010

Daly's 2nd Birthday!

We had so much fun celebrating Daly's 2nd Birthday! And although we missed everyone at home terribly, we were blessed to be surrounded by lots of love, laughter and friendship on her big day.

Daly found her cake right away...

...and needed to taste test before the party started!

Our dining room, decorated with Daly's favorite color, orange, and a little girly pink. This is the Happy Birthday banner my mom sent!

Heather visited us for the week (she and Daly share the same birthday!) She worked hard on the favors, little chocolates in fishy shapes, 2's, and she even spelled out D-A-L-Y!

Ryan barbecuing...the food was delicious!

Reese napped through most of the party.

Daly listening to everyone sing Happy Birthday. She had the biggest smile on her face and even tried to mouth the words.

The birthday girl "blew out" her candle (with a little help from Dad.)

Opening presents. She got so many cool things, both from home and from her new friends here in New Zealand. Daly signs a BIG "Thank You!" to everyone for the thoughtful gifts!

Reesie got in on the fun too.


  1. So much fun! Thanks for letting me share in it.

  2. Happy birthday Daly Girl! Your hubby misses you and asks about you often. It makes me sad when he says "Daly far away, Daly far away."