March 30, 2010

Want to go another year?

When Ryan and I were married, our dear friends Kay and Ed told us that every year, on their anniversary, they ask each other a question. "Want to go another year?" This is our third year asking each other the same question, and we both answered with a big smile and a playful, "Yeah, I guess so..."

3 years ago today (well, actually tomorrow, I guess).

wedding photography by Amy and Maurice at the theorie.

Our honeymoon in St. Kitts.

We've packed quite a bit into these last three years!

A move to Houston...

...and back to California brought us our beautiful Daly girl.

Then back to Houston...

...and back to California blessed us with our gorgeous Reese!

And now, taking over in New Zealand.

We are having such a blast on our new adventure, and we're so blessed to have the love and support of our family and friends. There is truly no way we would have made it through the saga that has been these past three years without you.

Looking forward to asking each other the question many, many more times...

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  1. Happy Anniversary Lynds! I love the recap pics. I'm so jealous of how you look leaving the hospital after having Reesey! You are one hot mama!