April 04, 2011

Daly is 3!!

It is extremely strange to already be saying, "My three year old." This was the first year Daly was insistent on the theme for her birthday....she wanted a Pirate Party! While on our last trip to the states, she fell in love with a new Disney show...

...And after riding...
...at Disneyland, she was officially Captain Hooked.

So we went on the search for Pink Pirate Birthday themes. Here's what we found (and ordered everything in the US....where fun party things are in greater abundance and variety...and much much cheaper!!)

We spent the morning of her birthday hunting down some of our favorite pictures of her first three years. (Click on the picture for more detail.)

Daly's corner.

Perfect wrapping paper!

A friend of mine had just planned an awesome Trash Truck Party for her three year old, Brennan. He wore the cutest shirt the day of his party...with little trash trucks and a big '3' on it, which she had ordered from Etsy. So off I went on a treasure hunt...

Daly's shirt was handmade by Darcy Allen from ChewChewsCloset. Although she asked many times, Daly wasn't allowed to wear her pirate shirt until her party started. She ended up falling asleep an hour before guests arrived...so I went into her room to gently wake her up and the first thing she asked as she opened her eyes, "Where's my pirate shirt? I get to wear my pirate shirt!"

We all had such a blast getting into the pirate theme!

Cupcakes for the guests...BIG cupcake for the birthday girl!
Complete with Happy Birthday pirate candles.

Everyone sang a big "Happy Birthday to you!!!"
Reese just sang "HAPPY!!!"

Pirate wishes, I presume...

We all know about Reese's relationship with food. This was probably cupcake number two or three...but I'm sure she would have been just as happy with a spoonful of frosting.

Opening gifts.

Ryan and I are so proud of our Daly girl. She is growing up so much and getting smarter and smarter every day. (But I love that she is still so little and that things are so new for her!)

Happy 3rd Birthday, Beautiful!!


  1. Tyler is in love with that show too! Hugs to you guys. :)

  2. Cute photos! We had a great time, loved the theme. USA party decorations! You cheated!
    Lol x