April 24, 2011

'I'll remember April and smile'

Before the Jets' season started, the organization got out in The Square for some fun with the kids and families of Palmerston North. Sausage sizzle, face painting, bounce houses, relay races and carnival games in the sun. We had a great time. More than anything, it was really wonderful to see the players and coaches having a blast with the local kids...such a huge part of being role models in a small community.

Darryl painting Reesie's face. She was clearly very excited.

Finished product. To be fair, she was his first face of the day!

Daly learning how to run the cones with Stacey.

Making everyone laugh, as usual.

Finally talked Daly into getting her face painted.

Our gorgeous girl, showing her Jets PRIDE!

Writing about Daly's pride for her daddy's team reminded me of a funny story. We decided to follow the team up to Auckland for their away game against the Pirates. It was a great win for us!! After the game, we were sitting at the table in our hotel room, eating pizza. I said to Daly, 'GO.....' (to which she usually responds, 'JETS!!') Instead, she yelled, 'JESUS!!' So now we yell cheers for Jesus and the Jets! :D

I love this picture of little Daly
standing next to our 6'10" center, Nick.

Ring around the rosie...a favourite.
(See Kiwis? I can spell it 'right'!)

Taking a ride to the bounce house.

It's been really cool watching the girls take more of an interest in sports. The coach/athlete in Ryan and me loves seeing them get excited about learning how to throw, catch, dribble, kick, and shoot.

Finished a fantastic morning with a mini potato sack race!

We had such a lovely Easter!! The weather was perfect (even though the forecast called for rain).

I love Reese's face in this one!

Never a day off...we walked the girls over to the gym so a couple of the Jets players could get a workout in.

Daly and Reese got in on the fun!

The girls' imaginations are getting more and more creative everyday. This walk home was turned into a search for Skull Rock (pirate themed, of course!)

Following the leader.

(Reese will do almost anything as long as Daly is doing it too!)

We had Easter brunch here at the house for our friends, some of the players, coaches and their families. Almost everyone showed up in tshirts and jeans or shorts, very casual. So when we answered the door semi-dressed up (as you do for Easter Sunday) we got a couple sideways glances. The girls being in matching dresses...well, this was just too crazy and American for our Kiwi friends! "Why the matching dresses?" I had a couple friends ask. My response, "Why wouldn't they be matching? It's Easter!"

Just another cultural difference...one of the many we're learning little by little. Some we happily accept and are willing to change: coriander instead of cilantro, the boot instead of the trunk, jandals instead of flip flops. But the matching Easter dresses?

I think we'll keep those around...

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