November 11, 2011

A moment

Messy hair...wrinkled pjs...watching the ducks waddle idea I'm watching you. I love you, baby girl.

Ryan found a new Christmas album {on Jack Johnson's label, Brushfire Records} called This Warm December. Click the link to listen to the whole album, but our favorite is Jack's song, 'In the Morning'. I swear he's singing to Reesie:

"Your crazy curly morning hair, your maka piapia stare, {it means 'eye boogies' in Hawaiian}
smiling down from the top of the stairs, you're so sweet.
Your robot pictures spread around, I swear your feet don't touch the ground,
once it starts, it don't slow down, but I don't want it to.

And these are the gifts we keep, and this is the morning that we breathe, and then we see:
these moments are the only gifts we need."

Some of my favorite Reese moments at the moment:

She says 'Whoa! Really slippally!' when the bathroom floor is wet.

She always wants to 'turn' {stir} my coffee.

Anytime I walk into the kitchen, she comes running, 'I help you, Mama, I help you?'

She started calling her sister, 'Day-lay' instead of 'Day-day'.
{This actually makes me a little sad, but I love that she sounds like Paula Deen when she says it.}

When Daly takes something away from her, Reese says, 'Fwipah, no fwiping!'
{Even though I'm not really a fan of Dora or her exploring.}

She's knows that knives are 'jangerous' and to turn on the water in the  kitchen sink 'lowly, Mom, lowly'.

Anytime someone gives her a snack or piece of candy, she immediately asks, 'Day-lay too?"

When she wants to be picked up, she says 'I hold you, Mom?' just like Daly used to.

She'll randomly climb into my lap and ask for 'Rocka Baby'.
I like to think she enjoys the cuddles, but she's really just excited about 'When the bow breaks, the cradle will FALL!' when I pretend I'm going to drop her.

Writing blog posts like this takes eleven times longer than it should because wants to sit in my lap and 'pusha buttons.'

She loves naps on the 'chowch'.


And.....we're down to single digits people!!! We only have to go to bed 9 times.

9 times?

9 times before we get to board a plane to LAX!!!!!

The chain is getting so short we need a chair to tear the rings!!

Thanks for the awesome idea, Shelly....the girls absolutely love watching the chain get shorter and shorter! {We're working on patience and counting too. Bonus!}

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  1. Oh Lyndsey, I tooo am headed for Cali!! I am going out to see my daughter and her family. :D But I don't get to leave for 12 more sleep days... :( Still soooo excited! I am FLYING For my VERY first time... (YIKES!!!) lol. TERRIFIED of flying!!!!!!!!! Have a safe trip dear, if I don't get back over to visit before you leave!