May 29, 2012

Hit the ground running.

Day One

There was no rest for these weary travelers after our first steps in Vietnam.

As soon as we arrived at the Phoenix International Hotel in Bac Ninh, we were asked to drop our bags, get ready for training, and head straight back to the lobby ready to eat. And eat we did. Everything is served family style, and almost everything is delicious.

You know I miss my girls and Ryan like crazy, but having every meal prepared and served and cleaned up after by someone else is divine.

After lunch, we hopped on our bus en route to the stadium where all of our trainings and games are held.

Need a little motivation during practice? Well here it is...a larger than life posterized Ho Chi Minh, going hard at those weights. The caption reads, "I exercise everyday."

My goodness is it hot. And muggy. And sweaty. And gross. But I'll definitely take that over the alternative. {The current temperature in Palmerston North is 33*F...that's 1*C. No thank you.}

Day Two

More training. More eating. More sweating.

Day Three

After another training, we played in a practice match against one of the local teams. Talk about getting the jitters out, it was pretty ugly. Thank goodness though, we worked out a lot of kinks so we would be ready to take on Australia the next day!

That evening, the sponsors threw a welcome party for all the teams. We had such a blast getting ready as a team.

That's my 'buddy' and roommate, Margy {and Eseta and Debbie in the background}. We all picked buddies at our training camp back at the beginning of May...a fast track activity for getting to know you, take care of each other, make sure everyone is on the bus.

Side note: Remember My Buddy? Every time we talk about our buddies, I start singing the song in my head, "My buddy, my buddy...wherever I go, he's gonna buddy and me!" 80's commercial? Super cheesy? Spawned a girl version called Kid Sister? Google it. Must have been American release only, because I got the funniest looks when I asked my teammates if they remembered too.

The party was fun. We were formally welcomed to Vietnam and the tournament, introduced to the sponsors and rice wine {it was so strong, just a sip gave me goosebumps}. The was our first opportunity to taste the warm beer. It was actually delicious once I took a hint from one of the sponsors and put a few pieces of ice in it. I can hear Ryan saying, "Alcohol abuse!!"

When in Rome.

HAI!!! {at least that's what I think they were yelling every time one of the men from the sponsor's table came to us to fill and raise the rice wine shot glasses!}

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Location:Bac Ninh,Vietnam


  1. Looks like you're having a blast! Love that we're getting updates from Vietnam and it's so great to hear about your adventures!

  2. It looks so amazing Lyndsey!!! Enjoy it!!!!! Erin

  3. I remember Kid Sister. I had no idea it spouted from My Buddy. Looking back...these dolls are still a little scary looking. Maybe I watched Chucky too much.