May 27, 2012

Our journey.

Leaving Ryan and the girls was rough. I thought I had it all under control at the airport. Big hugs and kisses and barely a tear from me as I waved goodbye and walked out to the plane. Feeling pretty proud of myself for not breaking down, I turned around one last time to wave from the top of the stairs.

I got about halfway up the aisle before the flood gates opened. As I sat in my seat, the poor gentleman next to me had no idea what to do. It was clear he wanted to say or do something, but what can you say to the blubbering girl next to you? Knowing one tissue just wouldn't do, the flight attendant brought me the box.

As we boarded our midnight flight from Auckland to Kuala Lumpur, I called Ryan to say goodbye...again...and cry...again. Then I got this text...

...and I listened. No more tears.

Flying Malaysia airlines was an...ahem...experience. I believe the cool word would be "retro".

Despite the throw back video, the flight was fine. It wasn't full, so we had lots of room to stretch our volleyball length legs.

And the sunrise was stunning.

Kuala Lumpur was a beautiful airport. We had some time there to stretch our legs, relax at a cafe, and start getting to know each other.

Oh, and pick up some snacks.

Side note: Reese fully recognizes this bright orange package now and says, "That's me! That's Reesie chocolate!" Don't worry, Baby Girl, Mommy grabbed lots for herself you!

Vietnam's Hanoi airport was definitely more utility than beauty. I found it strange that this was probably the first airport I can remember coming into that didn't have a large "WELCOME TO OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY! WE'RE SO GLAD YOUR MONEY'S YOU'RE HERE!" sign. This is about all the welcome we received...

...just in case we were interested in marketing our brand in a Vietnamese airport.

After an hour long drive on a bus, some near misses with bikes, scooters, and pedestrians {the traffic laws here are really just suggestions}, we arrived at our hotel safe and sound.

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