February 06, 2010

Quite a Journey

Long flight, good babies, lots of movies and music and toys. Overall, the trip was pleasant. Daly slept most of the flight from LA to Sydney, either on my lap or Ryan's.

Reese had her very own bassinet...brilliant addition to international flights.

Sunrise on February 5...we completely lost February 4, 2010. The east coast of New Zealand is the first in the world to welcome each new day.

Daly looking for Nemo, Dory and Bruce swimming in the ocean. We had her convinced she'd be able to see them...kept her busy for about three minutes.

Reese entertained everyone with her skills...DJ Reesey Piecey.

Staying hydrated.

'Ocah', checking out the clouds over Sydney.

As we were taking off from Sydney...a beautiful rainbow seemed to be over the entire country.

So we've made it safely, all our things made it too. A couple bumps in the road checking in, only two or three tantrums from Miss Daly (ended with bribes of candy , 101 Dalmatians, always having a binkie and blankie close at hand). The weather is beautiful. Everyone here is taking really good care of us. The girls are happy as can be...and besides missing everyone terribly, Ryan and I are real happy too.


  1. It is great to hear you made is safe and sound! I love the new name of the blog and am even more excited to keep up with you guys when you are so far away! Love to all of you!

  2. YAY!! So good to hear you're safe and the girls did so well on the flight. And a rainbow over Sydney? How awesome is that! I look forward to keeping in touch on here. =)