February 28, 2010

We're back online!!

We finally have internet again! As for the long gap between posts...we moved into our new home last weekend and have been patiently waiting for phone and internet service. We also have Skype set up. You can download it for free, set up an account and we can talk (if you have a microphone or camera connected to your computer) or chat online. Our Skype name is weisenbergsinnz.

I'm sure you're tired of the windy pictures...so here you go!

Our first New Zealand beach day was GORGEOUS! We drove out to Foxton, it's about a 20 minute drive to a lazy little beach town.

Reese and I got to pet horses walking along the beach. They were getting these ones comfortable with the sand and ocean so they could start doing rides on the beach.

Reese putting her toes in the sand.

Daly and Ryan walking along the water.

Daly had a blast...jumping over waves, running through the wet sand, splashing with her feet. We even saw a small shark that had been washed up on the shore (on the losing end of some kind of fight.) I thought it was gross, but Daly and Ryan thought the "ark" was pretty cool.

Looks like that naked baby is falling out of the sky!

Waving "bah-byeee" to mommy.

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