February 09, 2010

Masterton and Music

Straight from the airport the Jets had a team weekend in Masterton. It was a chance for the team to get to know each other and meet Ryan and the rest of the coaching staff. Lots of basketball gave us girls a chance to hang out and explore the town and our surroundings.

Daly LOVED the big trampoline!

We packed up the kiddos and drove out to the Martinborough Street Fair, a really cool local swap meet. It was very hot and sunny...perfect napping weather.

After we'd had enough of the heat, we went back to the motel for a swim. Reese watched from the sidelines.

Daly jumped right in.

Sunday afternoon we drove into Palmerston North, where we'll be living! Until our place is ready, we'll be staying with our friends Dave, Rachel, and their daughter Kyra.

Enjoyed a glass of wine overlooking their amazing view.

This morning, Rachel and Kyra took us to Music! It's a large group of parents and kiddos that come together on Tuesday mornings to sing, dance, and play. The girls had a good breakfast before class.

The parachute was a bit hit!

Dancing dancing dancing.

Tapping her sticks with Kyra.

Afterwards, the kids have morning 'tea' where they're given a cookie, apples, and water. Daly went into the room ahead of us, by herself, got a cookie, and sat right in the middle of all the kids and had her snack.

She definitely thought she could climb that tree.

In the tunnel at the playground.

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