April 06, 2010

Retrospection Collection: Jan '09, Our Little Artist

Been too long since I've posted, nothing too exciting lately. Easter was fun! Daly wasn't really into the hunting for eggs, she was more interested in getting to the "Shhh" {read: candy} inside them. We had some of the guys from the Jets organization over for a brunch to watch the Final Four {loving Slingshot and getting to see American commercials...except, of course, for the In-n-Out ones...KILLING us!!}

So thought I would throw up some fun pictures I've found. Last year, we had the brilliant idea of letting Daly create some art for us! She was about 10 months old.

We did the prep work for her...

...and then let her go to town and create masterpieces!

And this...

...turned into this.

After all her hard work, she finished up with a sink bath.


  1. Hey, I have those masterpieces under my bed....
    They're for sale, anyone?.... anyone?.....

  2. Hey Lyndsey,
    This is Lucy, Ethan's mom from "TLG" Love your blog. Hope you don't mind, I'm friends with Molly on FB and loved your profile pic, so I thought I would take a peek. Absolutely love Daly's art work. What kind of paint and canvas did u use. I would love to have Ethan create something like that. Hope you guys are well. Beautiful family.