April 14, 2010

Pohangina Valley

Last weekend, Dave and Rach took us to the
Pohangina {poe-'hahn-gah-na}Valley for a picnic.

The campground is about a 25 minute drive from us. We're finding it so cool 'sweet as' that there are so many things for us to do just a short drive away. There is a beautiful river, and lots of trails to explore.

We hiked tramped through the wilderness bush {and are slowly working on the lingo}. Daly, as usual, was not afraid to blaze her own trail and led us around most of the way.

And to any of you who have heard about Daly's 'little walk' {story for another time}, she is getting much better at calling out to us when she gets too far out of our sight.

Realized as I was going through our pictures from the day, we took more family portraits than anything else! But at least you can see the beautiful surroundings {and now I have more pictures for the wall.}

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