April 15, 2010

Reesie Update

Sometimes, it feels like Daly has so much going on...singing, dancing, running, talking, swimming...that Reese doesn't always gets the 'me-time' she deserves! Here's an update on what's going on with our little girl.

Reese is in complete awe of her big sister. No one can make her smile or laugh like Daly does. She is also already showing signs of wanting to do everything her sister does {which I hope will be endearing to Daly, although I'm sure it will become annoying at some point...}

She still has just two teeth on the bottom {we think she's working on a few more though}, and is much more willing to show them off lately!

Reese really does smile all the time, showing off those gorgeous dimples. We have people asking, 'Does that girl ever cry?' Okay, truth...she doesn't smile ALL the time...

...but the tears are always an easy fix with this one.

She is getting so close to crawling. You can see in her eyes how badly Reese wants to be able to get moving and at least try to keep up with her sister. And at seven months, she already has that risk-taker quality that is so obvious in Daly. Love you, baby girl!

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