September 29, 2011

Backing Black

Palmerston North is hosting two Rugby World Cup games and the city has really embraced the opportunity. On Wednesday, Georgia was set to play Romania. Knowing full well that us locals would have a hard time getting behind either of these teams, the brilliant people of Palmerston North devised a plan.

The 'city' of Palmerston North would support Romania and wear yellow. Those living outside the city, but still in our Manawatu 'county' would support Georgia and wear red. They even got our mayors in on the fun:

Down in the Square, events have been planned all week to get everyone involved. Tons of fun stuff for the kids to bounce on, play around, and laugh about. The girls and I put on our yellow, looked up Romania on the map, and headed into town.

A giant inflatable rugby field.

The girls have been passing a cold back and forth for about two weeks.
Their coughing has been well documented...

Parents stood outside this play area to swing
giant rugby balls at the kids as they ran through.

The girl has got skills.

The All Blacks obstacle course.

The All Blacks are New Zealand's rugby union team.
The Kiwi's love for the sport, and this team, is intense.

Ryan breaking through the tackle.

Daly took a more subtle approach and ran in between the defenders.

Little sickie ready for a nap.

Our green screen pic with some of the All Blacks.
We've decided there is no way these guys are this big in real life...

The Georgia - Romania match was completely sold out. Ryan and I were so excited to get two grandstand tickets from a close friend! The rugby was not fantastic, but the atmosphere was amazing. I was really proud to be a part of New Zealand hosting the RWC {which is huge for such a small country}. I was even more proud of our little Palmy for being such wonderful and supportive hosts to a great sporting event.

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