September 22, 2011

Treasures found

I'm sitting here crafting with the girls. They have been happily playing with their new Moon Dough and the dog house it comes with. I was busy mod podging away {more on that later}. All of a sudden Daly started yelling, 'MY FEET! MY FEET!! The bugs are getting them! The bugs are getting my feet!'

I looked over to see what was going on {as I assumed a huge swarm of bugs had not magically appeared to attack my little girl}. Turns out she had been sitting on her feet and they'd fallen asleep. To send those bugs away, she had to sit on her bottom. Daly sat back right away and continued playing. Three minutes later she looked up at me and said, full of excitement and relief, 'Mom! The bugs are gone!!'

In other news, my camera's SD card has been temporarily misplaced/forever lost/taken and hidden by my thieves daughters. I know, I know - it should've never been out of my camera, but I really love using my computer's card makes it so easy to dump photos without all the cords!! ...I digress.

After a day without finding said SD card, I began the hunt for another one. I knew there had to be another memory card sitting in a box in the garage somewhere. I went straight to the electronics-and-every-single-cord-we-own box and quickly found the camera I loved right before the Nikon I use now. I took out its card and slipped it into my camera, turned it on, and my heart immediately started smiling...

This was Reese's first trip to Disneyland. She slept through most of it. 
{November 2, 2009}

Daly still calls him 'Jumbo'.

This is the kind of smile only Disneyland can put on a child's face.

From happy moments to scary ones. As I was strapping Daly into her car seat, she asked to play with my keys. 'No harm in that,' I thought. Well....

As I walked around to the driver's door, I heard the doors lock. Grrrrrreat. The woman at AAA was so sweet. I can remember her asking me, 'Now, sweetie, do you want me to stay on the phone with you until the tow truck gets there? I know this must be very stressful. Are you sure you'll be okay?' Luckily, I was still parked in front of my mom's house. {Thanks for taking this picture with my camera from the living room, Mom.}

On the phone with AAA.
If you look closely, you can see Daly singing in the back seat.
She was clearly distraught... 

Reese's 3 month pictures.

I can't resist. Here's Daly at 3 months.

A lovely woman from La Salle {Ryan was helping out with girls' basketball at the time}
made these pink blankies and headband for Reese.

{Daly, 20 months. Reese, 3 months}

Reese's first Christmas. She slept through this 'first' also.
{Christmas 2009}

This is still one of the girls' favorite toys.

That was the last picture I took with my little black camera. Just a few minutes after Daly finished opening her gifts, I got to open mine - my Nikon. Since then, taking pictures of my girls and preserving our memories has been so much more fun, more rewarding...and the results, more beautiful.

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