September 15, 2011

Cleaning and cake

Life has been pretty uninteresting lately {and believe me, this is not a complaint}. No big trips, no exciting basketball games, kinda icky weather that has kept us from venturing outside. This sort of week tends to force my camera to stay inside its warm snuggly bag.

Yesterday, I woke up inspired. Actually...I think a piece of tupperware {for the millionth time} fell onto my head as I was opening the pantry door to grab the cereal for breakfast. Time for the six month complete clean out. I wish I had taken a before picture {although it may have been a bit embarrassing}, but here's what it looks like now.

Another major catalyst for this project was the fact that the girls have become so much more independent lately. They will go upstairs to play, and I can actually hear them happily humming along for quite some time without a scream, a cry, or that big 'THUMP' we all know means trouble. It's truly amazing. I have been waiting two years, two weeks, and five days for this exact moment. The girls can willingly, peacefully keep each other busy.

In the clean out of the pantry, I found my angel food cake pan stuffed way in the way back, super dusty corner. This, mixed with a pin I found during one of my 'I-need-a-pinterest-break' breaks, led to a hankering for some homemade chocolate cake.

Although my angel food pan did its job, the cake is certainly not as beautiful as it could be. It is, however, as delicious as it could be. Beyond delicious. Time to start looking for a cute bundt pan to make the beauty match the delish.

Reese, my little sous chef, was a really great helper...and so good for my ego. She kept tasting the batter and saying, 'Mmm, good Mom!' The little girl already knows how to use flattery to get what she wants.

And here's what Ryan and the girls did while I was playing chef. Daly has now taken to playing superhero! Last night she grabbed a toy trumpet to use as her gun to defeat the evil daddy tickle monster.

Then it was time for dancing. The girls love when we turn on the big bose speaker, hit shuffle on the ipod, and start rocking out. When Elton John started singing, Ryan and I both said, 'great song!'...and Reese started swaying slowly to the music {the girl's got my rhythm, thank goodness}. Her face as she danced with her daddy was priceless. This is wedding rehearsal dinner material...

And speaking of angel food/bundt pans...ever heard of using yours like this? See, Ryan, my time on pinterest is not a complete waste! Think of all the sliced fingers and dropped corn kernels I've saved.

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