September 30, 2011

A lesson on spider webs

Daly is outside helping Ryan with the yard work.

'Mom! Look...a spider web! Spiders have butts. And strings come out of them. So they can hang from trees.'

Dressed appropriately for the job.

Before a quick refresher on how to hold 'siffy-scissors'.

Daly sticks our her tongue when she's concentrating...just like Dad.

It was then time for watering. Ryan unrolled the hose and started in the front yard. As I was hanging the laundry, the girls came running over, pretending to be scared of the water, and hiding behind 'the curtains' the sweat pants, jeans, and t shirts hanging from the line.

Reese was yelling at the top of her little lungs, 'AHHHH! Wadah!!'

Daly just kept yelling, 'The hose are coming, the hose are coming!'

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