August 07, 2011

Big day!

Ever since Reese got back from the states, she has wanted nothing to do with her crib. From the first night we got back, she has been pointing at Daly's room, 'That bed! That bed!' Since Daly slept with me the entire time Ryan was gone, and Reese had not slept in a crib in California, I didn't see a problem with her sleeping in Daly's big bed. She did great. She went down peacefully, never once got up in the night, and slept until about 8 every morning. So we knew it was time. We officially needed to turn the crib...ugh, the crib that both my baby girls slept in....into a big girl bed.

Ryan broke out the tools this morning and got to work converting the crib to a day bed. Reese was beyond excited the entire time!

Here's a video. I love how Daly asks permission to come into Reesie's new bed...and the girls' pretend snoring sounds.

As soon as I'm able to connect my external hard drive, {we need a new firewire for our beautifully fancy new computer!} I'll post the video of Daly's first night in her big girl bed.

Once we put Reese down for her first real was time for Daly to go to kindy. Today was her first day with her new 'pack-ack'. She and Reese each got a backpack with their name on it {thanks Gramma!} It makes me one proud mama that Daly can look at them both, and pick the one with her name!

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