August 07, 2011

'Feels like home to me'

After two very long weeks, the four of us are back under one roof. Hallelujah. I am currently laying in bed, listening to Ryan sing crazy, made up songs to the girls while he makes them breakfast. (And I can hear the jug boiling, which means coffee is coming soon.) How blessed are we?

These are two of the happiest little girls I know. And their faces in these photos capture exactly how I feel. (Both at 7 months old.)

This was the day before Daly's first night sleeping in her own bedroom.
We were so in love with this apartment in Houston.

Reese loves jumping, swinging, rolling, hanging, and flying.
Whenever she does something fun, she needs to make sure everyone can see her.
She'll yell, 'Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Hi Dayday!'

So now that Ryan is back...I'm back soon as I finish my coffee in bed...

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