August 15, 2011

It's so fluffy!

Say 'SNOW!'

I can finally understand why people absolutely love living where it snows. Ryan, the girls, and I had smiles plastered to our faces all afternoon. The news told us that snow might be falling in our one believed it would actually happen.

We were in the grocery store when it started. The falling snow was an automatic mood-lifter. Everyone started smiling and chatting and laughing. We rushed home to bundle up so we could get outside, play, and take pictures and videos.

A few attempts at a Christmas picture...

The 'moos'.

As the snow started getting heavier, we had to get the girls dressed warmer. I wish I had a better picture of Reese all dressed up...she looked like she walked straight out of 'A Christmas Story'.

So cold, but so worth it.

Ryan and Daly moved to the front yard for more fun.

Snow angels.

Reese wasn't so excited about the cold...
she was happy to watch from the sidewalk.

Throwing snowballs at each other.

Then the fire was aimed in my direction.
{I was taking pictures from the comfort of Reese's upstairs window.}

Nice shot.

The girls had such a blast! Reese told anyone who would listen about the 'nooo'! Daly threw a fit when we told her she had to come inside to warm up. Her hands and nose were so cold, but she didn't seem to mind a bit, and she definitely didn't want our snow day to end.

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  1. Love you guys and miss you so much! The pictures are priceless. Love corndog