August 10, 2011

Word-filled Wednesday

Yesterday, a Grey's Anatomy commercial came on. Daly turned to Ryan and said, 'Those are doctors. That's Mom's favorite movie!' This kid is seriously observant.

Laughing at the funny things the girls say is one of the best parts of our day. It got me thinking I should be writing down more of their words.

Our favorite Sunday treat...
fresh doughnuts at the local farmer's market.

Daly calls suitcases 'soup-tases'. The girls now pretend Reese's bed is an airport. They pack their bags, crawl up onto the bed walk into the terminal, wave goodbye to us, and yell 'We love you, Mom and Dad! We'll miss you!'

Everyone who hears Reese talk comments on the huskiness of her voice. I think it's absolutely adorable to hear such scratchy, deep sounds coming out of my curly-headed little girl. When Daly was her age, she would respond with 'uh-huh' and 'uh-uh' for yes and no. Reese will grunt out a hilarious 'yuup' and 'nope'.
Ryan and I are still very resistant to picking up on some Kiwi words . We refuse to call the kitchen sink a 'bench' or the trunk of our car the 'boot' {although, I do think it's kind of cute that they call the hood of the car a 'bonnet'}.

The girls, on the other hand, have been much more receptive to the local vocabulary. When Daly asks to watch the movie Wall-E, Reese yells out, 'Yeah! Lollies!!' {candy.}

I could swear every now and then, Reese yells out 'MUM!' when calling for me.

And when it's raining, Daly can't wait to put on her 'gumboots' and jump in the puddles.

My current favorite photo...
girls and their gumboots.

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