October 01, 2011


Pinterest is incredibly inspiring. It has become a borderline obsession. It has taken facebook's place in my life. It has crowded up more of my computer time than I like to admit.

However...I have created some beautiful things, made some amazingly delicious food {and also some not so good food...'delete pin'}, read many encouraging quotes, the girls and I have done some super cool and creative activities, and I have learned some awesome skills...all thanks to pinterest.

I am always blown away when bloggers create gorgeous art and offer it up free, downloadable, and printable to their readers. With a nice printer or by sending to a print lab, and placing in a frame, you add color, inspiration, and life to the rooms in your home...for super cheap.

This tutorial got me thinking about making my own art from some of the quotes I love. Then, as I randomly clicked through a few photography blogs during nap/kindy time the other day {man, I love when the stars align and Reese sleeps the entire time Daly is at school}, I ran across Shel Silverstein's poem, 'Colors'. It touched me immediately, I imagined it hanging on the wall in the girls' toy room, and I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like. 

I got to work on picnik and this is what I created:

Then I started thinking about all the friends we have who will be welcoming babies soon, and what a cool gift this would make in a pretty frame. So I made pink and blue versions too.

If you click on the pictures, they will open full size. Please feel free to use them for your home or as gifts for others. {If you want a version of it without our website at the bottom, leave a comment or email me, I'll send it to you.}

As long as I temper my 'pinning' with doing and sharing...all my time on pinterest feels much more meaningful.

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