October 12, 2011

I rub you

I can not believe what I just overheard the girls saying to each other.

They've just found a new favorite spot to play - the upstairs linen closet. I cleared the floor for them and laid down blankets and pillows. As I was doing this, the girls went into Daly's closet and put on their 'baby soups' {bathing suits}. When I called them back and told them their space was ready, my bikini-clad beauties came running around the corner. Daly excitedly yelled, 'Yay! Our lu-hau is ready!'

They ran in and started 'swimming'. I came out to the main toy room to sit and listen. As I opened my computer, I heard Daly say...

'Reese, I love you.'

Reese replied...

'I rub you too. So much.'

Talk about heart melting. They have been running around together ever since. Making dinner for the 'lu-hau'. Dancing to the hula music. Swimming in the ocean. 

I have this horrible feeling that as soon as I hit the 'publish' button, this loving, cooperative, nice-to-my-sister world I'm living in right now is going to disintegrate. My tendency is to only blog about the lovey-dovey moments, but we all know 87% of the time they are selfish, screaming, stereotypical two and three year old sisters. So I'll sit here quietly, trying not to disturb or interrupt them, and soak this up for as long as they'll allow.

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