October 19, 2011

Scary monstah

I have marked quite a few projects off my to-do list the last few days. I pinned this cool Halloween door a few months back...

Since I knew I wasn't going to be painting our front door green, I decided to look for some fabric to make a hanging Frankenstein door. {This way, I would be able to use it every year, no matter where we're living.} We went to the local craft store and found this on the clearance table for $10!!

Perfect color and grommets for hanging!

The width needed to be trimmed, but the length was perfect. I folded the curtain in half from bottom to top, and lined up the top against the floor board. I placed my scissors in the groove between the floor tiles to cut straight lines {I felt like an employee at Joann's.}

After placing a half yard of black felt along the top of the curtain, I cut spiky hair and glued it down. For the eyes, I traced around large and small ramekins. Then I cut the mouth, teeth, and scar from the scraps. {I used gorilla glue to secure everything. Unnecessarily strong, but it was all I had and I wanted this project finished...and now I know those pieces aren't going anywhere!}

Temporary 3M hooks along the top of the door and that's that.

Daly saw the picture from pinterest as I was making this...now every time she sees our Frankenstein she asks, 'Where's the spider? We need a spider. Mom, you forgot the spider.' I swear that girl's memory is like a steel trap.

Reese calls him a 'scayee monstah'. Whenever we leave the house she gets the most dramatic, wide-eyed look on her face and talks for the next three minutes straight about the 'scayee monstah on the doo-ah, Mom!' We have tried to convince her that he's not scary at all. 'Have you seen his big smile, Reese? He's a nice monster.' Ryan even tried to tell her that this monster helps protect us from all the other scary monsters. No dice.

Another check on the to-do list? Ryan had this gorgeous photo {a la Heather Broadwell: official Weisenberg family photographer} printed onto a huge canvas as a Mother's Day gift.

November 2010. Gisborne, NZ

That's right, Mother's Day...as in five plus months ago. It came unmounted, so it has been rolled up next to my desk all that time.

Having such a large, beautiful canvas of our family was priceless to me. I didn't want to try and stretch it myself and potentially ruin it, so I waited. For what, I'm not sure. Someone to offer to do it for me? To take it to a 'professional' canvas stretcher? For it to magically attach itself to a frame?

Our bedroom was in desperate need of some color and life on the walls and this was the perfect fit. I bit the bullet and bought a fairly cheap artist's canvas that almost exactly matched the size of my print. I googled 'how to stretch your own canvas' and voila.

It's nowhere near perfect, but my new mantra {learned from pinterest, of course} keeps me focused on completion rather than perfection.

This stunner has taken the place of my last canvas project above the bed. That will definitely find a new home on one of the other walls in our room very soon.

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  1. :) Love taking pics of you guys. Easy to get good ones when the subjects are so awesome to start with!