October 31, 2011


My first costume inspiration for Reese came months ago from Pinterest. I instantly fell in love with this photo, this little girl, her mini-swagger, and this outfit.

Source: etsy.com via Lyndsey on Pinterest

With all the cute tutus I'd seen floating around, I was itching to make one or two or nine for the girls. I found this tutorial and was on a mission.

Here's my version.

Next it was Daly's turn. I thought blonde, fun, beautiful, dresses, high heels...Marilyn.

photo via chicfashionista

photo via sodahead

photo via oliviadarcyhawks

The girls clearly have no idea who Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn are. My hope is that I'll be able to give them an appreciation for old Hollywood, classic movies, and the wonderful actors and actresses of that time {the way my mom did for me}. Hopefully, somewhere down the line, they'll look back at these pictures and smile at the inspiration {and loose interpretation!}

Reese was not excited about being in front of the camera. No amount of bribery worked this time. By this point, she was ready for the dress to come off.

Daly, forever my little starlet, had no issues posing, dancing, and smiling...as long as she could see herself in the windows.

Finally wanting to show off her dress. 'Look me, Gramma! Look me!'

Officially one of my favorite photos ever.

Talking to my mom and Heather on skype.

We took the girls up to a friend's house in the early evening for a bit of trick or treating. What a blast! More photos to come...

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