October 07, 2011

Who is this?

Anyone use iPhoto? I absolutely love it for its ability to keep me and my pictures organized.

Do you have any experience with 'Faces'? It's a relatively new feature in iPhoto that picks out the faces in your photos, tries to identify them, then organizes the pictures by name.

It's not always correct...but when it's wrong, it makes me smile.

Yep, this is me...all decked out in dimples, my duckie jumpsuit,
and a hat that won't fit on my head because of the curls.

And....BIG NEWS!

The Weisenbergs are officially diaper-free!!!!

It's actually been about two weeks, but I was too afraid to jinx it by mentioning it any sooner. Both girls had been completely day potty trained for a quite a while, but were both still wearing nighttime diapers.

A couple weeks ago, we ran out. At the store later that day, Ryan and I looked at each other as we passed the baby aisle. 'Should we just not buy anymore and see what happens?'

'Ummmmm....okay. Let's do it.'

The girls went to bed in big girl panties and pjs. We talked to both about how they needed to go in the potty, and that they could earn a special movie night by keeping their beds dry.

We woke up the next morning apprehensive. Neither one of us wanted to go upstairs to find the soaked sheets and messy little girls. We were so proud and so surprised to find two completely dry butts! We all danced and cheered and made a big ol' fuss about what big girls they were.

And did the same the next morning and the morning after that. Each girl has had one accident, but we'll take it. I'm so proud of our little ladies {and so grateful} for the ease with which they moved through this transition. 

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