October 03, 2011

Te Manawa

A few weeks back, my coffee group and I took our kids to the local museum, Te Manawa. The museum recently opened an area especially for kids eight and under. It's set up like a home, with different rooms full of ways for the kiddos to explore and use their imaginations in real life situations.

Of course, my little sous chef went straight to the kitchen.

Reese chose her ingredients carefully: a carrot, orange juice, and strawberry yogurt. She's a very inventive and creative chef.

Breakfast is ready!

Daly, our little fashionista, went directly to the bedroom and found a skirt to dress up in. She came to the kitchen too, but only to use the phone to call her friends.

When we're at home, Reese is almost always carrying a crayon and her little notepad. She'll come up and ask, 'Eat, Mom?' {translation: 'What would you like to eat, Mom?'} She scribbles down your order and then asks, 'Coke?' It doesn't matter if you've ordered a cheeseburger and fries, pancakes, or chocolate cake, you always have to order Coke. 

The littlest, and cutest, waitress.

Then the kids moved to the construction area. This conveyor belt is meant to transport foam bricks. Why wouldn't our little imagination movers get on it and transport each other?

Notice Daly is already wearing a different skirt.

'Duck your head!'

Reese sent Daly down the belt.

This was about a week before Reese's second birthday. I had seen this on Pinterest and wanted to make one for her. I saw her sitting next to this wall and thought it would be the perfect base.

Picnik is a really wonderful, free resource for editing and personalizing your photos.

I know this picture is blurry, but it perfectly captures one of my Reesie favorites. When she hears a strange or loud sound, she'll freeze, put her hand up to her ear, and ask 'Where dat sound come from?' I love how inquisitive and expressive she is.

Splashing in a mock up of the Manawatu River.

I'm not sure what this ginormous black widow had to do with anything
{especially since there are no seriously venomous spiders in New Zealand}...

...but Reese clearly thought it was hilarious.

'Shh, where dat sound come from?'

Before leaving, we spent a little time running around in front of the museum.

This is the brand new, larger-than-life sign the city added to the front lawn of the museum. It spells out 'te manawa', which is Maori for 'the heart'. The kiddos had a great time using the letters as a playground.

The girls, for about forty seven seconds, were so cooperative and cute and smiley. I snapped as quickly as I could.

I can't wait to get one of these photos up on our wall!


  1. Love the pigtails! And the multiple posts :)

  2. Thought it is related to a black widow, it is not - it's a katipo. You can find them on the local dunes.

  3. Thanks for that, Erica! Guess I should have put down my camera and taken a closer look at the info.