July 05, 2011


It's the last 'catch up' blog. June was full of fun moments...and I already have a few posts lined up for July. I'm really looking forward to showing you our lives in smaller bites...giving you more of our day-to-day stories, adventures, and funnies.

Walking Daly to Kindy.

Since we are in the middle of our winter months, the girls and I have been spending quite a bit more time at the local indoor pool. Often when we head over in the late morning, we are the only family there. The pool is spa-warm, and there is a toddler section that only goes about a foot deep, and a childs' pool where Daly can walk around the entire thing without dipping below the water level.

We were really excited that Ryan had a morning off so he could come with us to the 'pooo-aah.' {I was especially stoked since I would be able to put both eyes on one child instead of constantly having to be alert to both girls at the same time...and it gave me a chance to snap, snap, snap!}

'Come on, Daddy...it's time to go to sleep!'

This is the wall that separates the toddler pool
from the childs' pool.

I can't stop looking at this photo...

Our cheeseball.

Reese loves to float on her back and
sing 'Baby'. {'Rock-a-bye Baby'}

Pretending to be a 'monstah' and
scaring Daly out of her sleep.


One of the many reasons the girls love the pool...
they get to splash to their hearts' content,
which they never get to do in the bathtub.

Getting home and comfy after a hard morning of swimming.

One beautiful, but chilly June morning, I took the girls to one of the cafes in town.Moxie’s is a major sponsor for the Jets. Everyone there is so nice {and very understanding of my two little munchkins and the mess they inevitably make.}

This was one of those moments I’m sure I hope lots of moms have. The girls were angels. They sat {Reese stood} in their seats, finished their drinks with minimal spillage, shared with each other, waited patiently for our food, smiled for the camera, ate well {even ate the spinach that came with the eggs}, and helped me clean up when it was time to leave.

Daly and her apple juice.

Reese and her 'caaaaw-feee'.

It’s actually a fluffy: a kids’ drink that is very popular at coffee shops here. My favorite part is Reese thinks she’s drinking coffee just like Mommy {and therefore leaves me to drink mine in relative peace}, when really it’s just warm milk with a little chocolate and some marshmallows on top.

I have been reminiscing about it ever since, trying to figure out how to recreate the morning.

Although we do make the occasional trek into town, many of our mornings are spent upstairs at home. The entire upstairs {two bedrooms, a bathroom, and lounge area} is completely dedicated to the girls. This is their space. It's wonderful because they have a nice big place to make huge messes, play with their toys, spend quiet time in their own rooms...all in a place very few people ever see. Of course we have 'tidy up' time and the girls are usually good about helping clean up their area, but if it doesn't get done...and the lounge looks like a hurricane has torn through...we don't stress.

One of the girls' favorite activities at the moment is dress up. Pink is obviously the color of choice...

I think this was another rendition of 'Ring-a-ring-a Rosie'.

One of my all time favorite pictures of Reese.

Our ballerinas looking out towards the
street for people walking their 'dog-dogs'.

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  1. What daring little girls you have! Looks like you are having a fun winter so far. Oh and I really like the fluffy drink idea, I had never heard of it but I am definitely going to start making them for my daughter who is always wanting my coffee too! Thanks for the idea :) and thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a lovely comment. Cheers!