July 16, 2011

Sick sick sick.

We have got one sick girl on our hands.

I have been asking myself a question the last couple days. I wonder if it's easier to have one sick daughter, and one who's healthy...or if it's actually better when both are sick at the same time? Poor Daly doesn't really get why she can't taunt, poke, and mess with Reese the way she usually does. Why Reese is much crankier and less likely to want to play dress-up.

We're sure Daly will soon come down with whatever bug Reese has at the moment, prolonging all of our miseries. It might be nicer if they were both going through the sickies together, both down and out, both snotty and coughy. BUT, maybe it is a blessing to only have to cater to one little patient at a time.

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