July 21, 2011

The playground and the 'monstah'.

A few weeks ago, we followed the Jets up to New Plymouth for the final game of the regular season. The girls and I were lucky enough to get to drive up with our friend, Kat. We had such an awesome couple days together. Before the game, we found a great playground right next to the stadium.

Two of my favorite things in the whole world
{three if you count the sleeping}.

Our girls {and Ryan and I} are surrounded with so much love.

Trying to get the big, heavy, circle swing moving was a full body effort.

Baby girl woke up to play.

I'm head over heels for this plant we found in the park.

love love love

We walked over to the stadium...hoping for a Jets win.
{Unfortunately, it didn't happen, but the entertaining loss didn't keep us from the playoffs!}

Most of my focus was not on the basketball. It rarely is, unless we have a babysitter for game nights. Actually, with the help of Kat and other Jets fans in the stands, most of my focus wasn't even on wrangling the girls {which is the norm}. No, at this game, I had to keep my eyes on the opposing team's mascot. Let me introduce you to the Taranaki Mountainairs Yeti.

Pretty scary, you say, for a mascot that is supposed to be friends with the kids and motivate the fans? Yeah, I thought so too. I am not ashamed to say that, even as an adult, I was trying to avoid making eye contact so he would pass on by.

Daly told us over and over that she didn't want to give him a high five. Fair enough. Reese, who in most situations is a pretty confident little girl, was beyond scared of this 'monstah'. Every time she so much as saw the mascot, whether he was right in front of us or on the far side of the stadium, she would jump into my lap and start physically shaking. 'No monstah, Mommy, no monstah.'

So I kept diligent watch out for the scary monster mascot. Anytime I saw him coming close {or moving into Reese's line of vision} I would put my hand in front of her eyes, turn her around to look at the people behind us...anything I could do to divert her attention elsewhere. We finally settled on a more consistent form of distraction.

This is Kaden, Matt and Kelly TeHuna's little boy.

'Little Bill' is Reese's favorite cartoon.
Having episodes on the ipad is invaluable to us.

With the Yeti well out of view,
it was safe for the kiddos to cheer on their daddies!

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