July 10, 2011


Just recently, the girls have begun to take more of an interest in my makeup. It was bound to happen eventually. Daly asks if she can have 'makeups' like Mommy, while Reese just points at her cheeks when I'm putting on blush and yells 'FACE!'

Skype has become a very important part of our lives. Of course it's no substitute for the real thing, but the ability to see and hear our family and friends from the other side of the world is invaluable to us. (If you haven't already, download Skype so we can chat! We're weisenbergsinnz. Let us know how to find you.)

Daly put the two together, and this was the result.

Showing off her lipstick artistry.

Now for the eyes. My mom always told me, 'A little goes a long way.'

Daly used the Skype screen as her mirror.

They've already become mini pros at looking at the ground when I help them put on mascara. 'Pretty?!' Reese asks.

'Beautiful.' is always my response.

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