July 25, 2011


Two-thirds of my world is now halfway around the world. I am really excited that Ryan got the chance to take a team of high school girls to a basketball tournament in San Diego. And it does make me happy that Reese will get to spend lots of time with our family and friends.

It's pretty bittersweet for me, though, and slightly more bitter for Daly. I knew we would miss them A LOT, but I sure didn't expect to be this bummed out. We're probably 70% sad and 30% just plain jealous. {And the reasons we got left behind? My volleyball team is playing in a national qualifying tournament next weekend. If we don't make the top two there, we can't go to Nationals in August. And this will be Reese's last 'free' trip, so we took advantage of one more flight to the states with a 'lap baby'.}

Thanks for the mobile uploads, Mom and Heather.

Just hung up skype with my mom. As Daly and I are still bundled up in bed, we got to see Reese napping in just a diaper and a light blanket at the foot of my mom's bed. We heard about their breakfast on the beach, how hot it is outside, that Ryan had just taken the girls to Costco, and that our best friend Trisha had just stopped by. Okay, so maybe the sad/jealousy factor has become 50~50.

. . .

I sent my camera with Ryan to have the lenses repaired...and with it went my sd card with our most reese-ent adventures. So I'll warm up our external hard drive and this will be a week of flashbacks and reminiscing. But first, here are some photos from a trip to our local library a couple weeks ago.

We have been trying so hard to work on Daly's writing. She absolutely loves to draw. Treasure maps, happy faces, and family pictures are all well in her repertoire. But when it comes to writing {D, A, L, and Y have been the focus}, she just doesn't want anything to do with it. Here's Ryan trying to coerce gently guide her from drawing to writing.

This is the reaction we always get.

I love this huge city wall mural...and those curls.

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