July 26, 2011

My funny girl

As I lay here next to Daly, {she's slept with me every night since Ryan and Reese left...my girl is keeping her mama company, not the other way around} I've noticed that she is laying just like Ryan does. Head propped up on the pillow, right hand behind her head, elbow on the headboard pointing straight toward the sky. I love it. She also found his cologne bottle earlier and was pretending it was pepper spray {that's a story for another day!} so she smells like him too. It makes me smile, so happy that I have Daly with me, but I am missing Ryan and Reesie so much.

The great thing about this trip? I am really loving all the one-on-one time with Daly. We had a super fun day today with my friend, Bex, and her two boys, Bailey and Elijah. We went swimming at the Lido, then went to an indoor playground called Lollipops. {This no camera thing is killing me, but it's actually kind of nice just being present with my girl.}

So on our way from the pool to the playground, with all three kiddos in the backseat, Bailey asked his mom for a plaster {read: Band-aid} for the blister on his finger. We started talking about Bailey's 'plastah' {in my best Kiwi accent}.

Daly says, 'No, Mom...I don't want any pasta. I don't want to eat pasta!'

Then on the way home from the playground, the gas light turned on in the car. Bailey asked if we were going to stop and get petrol {read: gas}. On goes the conversation about petrol...

Daly: 'Yay! I want some pretzels too!'

I say it all the time, but man these girls make me laugh every single day.

Can you remember a time when Daly wasn't talking? Me neither. But here are some pictures to jog your memory. These are all from the last week of July...three years ago.

4 month old pictures.
{She's cuddling next to me with that same blanket as I type this.}

Daly still loves the bath this much. And smiles that same bright smile.

This is still one of my favorite pictures of these two.
It was such a special weekend for us.
Our first little vacation as a family of three.
Baby girl's first day at the beach {Avila}.
And I distinctly remember Daly holding her bottle by herself
for the first time as we sat on the beach together.

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